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Are backs fit for the future?

Teaching and Childcare professionals may have heard of Peadiatric Physiotherapist and study leader: Lorna Taylor BSc (Hons) who has a passion for improving back care in teachers and children in particular.

img: Jolly BackWith over 12 year’s professional experience and as the innovator of the Jolly Back chair; overcoming problems and risks encountered with those working at naturally imposed, low working heights, Lorna has and still is actively involved in school health promotion and back pain prevention.

Healthy Workstations was honoured to have Lorna present collaborated findings from children aged 7-15 years old through the Back on Track project at our ErgonoMix event, which posed the question of whether children’s backs are ‘Fit for the Future’. She highlighted risk factors; hoping to raise awareness of the importance of applying practical back care education in the school environment through the ‘Back on Track’ project which was launched earlier this year.

Image: BackChat DVDAlongside this, Lorna has helped deliver BackChat: a comprehensive training DVD which provides professionals in the child health, care and education sectors access to essential information about staff and pupil’s back health. By delivering a focus on injury prevention and absence reduction for both adults and children in their care, it is the essential guide to not only Manual Handling but also Back and Voice care. As a “Bite-size” training resource it can be fir around busy schedules and delivered at a fraction of the cost of external trainers in-house, enabling employers to meet HSE legislation. Lorna claimed back care is “unrecognised and a serious problem in the child education and care industry”. A training resource such as BackChat can help overcome the difficulties of offering essential practical advice to employees working in this challenging environment.

In celebrating the success of our 3rd ErgonoMix event, we are currently offering a FREE Adult PosturePad with every purchase of the BackChat DVD. Offer valid until September 30th EXTENDED until October 10th 2013.

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