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The Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations was first introduced in 1992 with the aim to protect the health of people who work with Display Screen Equipment. A significant amount of people argue that Health & Safety legislation, however has brought a ‘compensation culture’. While the Health and Safety Executive evidently views that “health and safety management is an integral part of effective business management and, as such, is an enabler and not a hindrance”.

Not surprisingly, since the NHS claim that:

About 7.6 million working days were lost due to work-related back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders from 2010 to 2011.

“Where there’s a blame, there’s a claim”… or is there?

We provide DSE Assessments and TrainingThe concept of Britain adopting a compensation culture was first reportedly coined in 1993 by Bernard Levin with an article in the Times newspaper. Many claims were exercised in the preceding years while The Health and Safety Executive supported the Commission in welcoming the demolition of what it claimed a ‘myth’ in 2004 with the government study: Better Routes to Redress with another study in 2010: Common Sense, Common Safety which  according to the Judiciary of England and Wales, supposedly led to the Compensation Act (2006) to bring ways of discouraging bad claims.

While many still seemingly believe that health and safety legislation has encouraged claims of compensation, we have increasingly found that employers are beginning to view workplace ergonomics as an integral part of employee ‘well-being’ and thus encouraging a productive workforce.

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