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It seems that even after more than 24 years of the DSE regulations being in force; we have yet to see a decline in work related issues associated with display screen use. From our daily engagement with end users and managers we have observed that there appears to be some entrenched, cultural attitudes, along with organisational barriers, to tackling the problem effectively. I am sure that we do not need to highlight the detrimental impact this has on the employers finances, however there is still a concern that spending on ergonomic equipment for ‘health’ reasons could spiral out of control and end up costing the organisation more than the loss of productivity due to absenteeism.

Anne Ridley Presenting

It is easy to identify the challenges facing those with DSE responsibility; more sedentary based work /lifestyle, aging workforce, new technology, austerity measures, agile or mobile work environments – but there challenges are to be met and HWS are eager to help you meet them, head on.

And so, we have designed a workshop which we are delivering at venues across South Wales and the West to spread the word – teaching organizations how to understand and implement basic measures aimed at improving employee wellbeing whilst saving valuable resources and raising standards. As an employer or occupational health and safety professional, you can learn how to create Healthy Workstations and become confident in DSE. Proceed to Eventbrite for full programme details.

These events are co-sponsored by Scandinavian Business Seating; owners of HAG and RH brands. After a successful and well-received event in Cardiff last month, we are holding our next workshop in Swansea this month.



Upcoming Workshops:

Cardiff: 29th June 2016 – Enquire about further dates

Swansea: Wednesday 20th July 2016: Book Now

Further Venues: TBC – Register your interest to receive an invite to future events.

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