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In a previous blog post: FIRA – A Standard to expect we discussed how FIRA certified chairs and seating should stand us in very good stead in terms of quality and safety.

Axia Office Chair

In our specialisation, we recognise FIRA not only for their testing certification of chairs and seating but for their ergonomic principles too. There are a number of British, European and International dimensional Standards for ergonomic products, particularly their suitability for the office, contract and educational markets.

These standards include:

  • BS EN 1335:             Part 1 Office furniture – Office work chair.
  • BS EN 527:               Part 1: Office furniture – Work tables and desks.
  • BS 13761:                 Visitor’s chair dimensions.
  • BS EN ISO 11064:    Ergonomic design of control centres.

While there is an overall ergonomics standard, BS EN ISO 9241 Part 5, which covers the ergonomics of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) workstations.

FIRA claim that although “Ergonomics in the workplace have become increasingly prominent… many products, whilst exhibiting some ergonomic features, would fall short of many decent ergonomic criteria”.

FIRA’s Ergonomic Excellence Award rightly recognises those companies who design and manufacture ergonomically outstanding products; exceeding the requirements of British and European standards and is ‘earned’ by fulfilling the following criteria: 

  • Excellent ergonomic qualities
  • Designed according to appropriate ergonomic criteria
  • User friendly
  • Promote comfort and well-being for the user
  • Fit for purpose both ergonomically and structurally
  • User safety
  • Comply with relevant health and safety regulations
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the state of the art  European, British and FIRA standards on ergonomics, structural integrity and safety
  • Manufactured by a company with high quality standards and a good environmental policy

Many of the products we offer, including the Smart Sleeve and the Axia Chair, have been awarded Ergonomic Excellence Certification, with several of these manufacturers achieving this award for a variety of their products.

FIRA Award Logo

How do we know who these manufacturers are?  Simply look out for the symbol.

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