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Feat. Guest Blogger: John Andrews, Ergonomic Cafe.

It is estimated that one third of the UK population now use tablets. With International RSI Awareness Day just around the corner, we asked John Andrews from Ergonomic Café to help you understand the risks of using modern technology.

“Have you ever noticed that advertisements for tablet computers never seem to show people sitting? Why do you suppose that is? They normally show some lifestyle shots of a glamorous person reclining on a cosy sofa or a close up of the ‘shiny’ tablet laid flat on a table. I guess the flexed wrists, bent neck and the hunched back don’t look so comfortable in the advertisement?

Viewing of TV programs on such devices as laptop and desktop computers has become commonplace.  However the BBC reported that 2013 viewing figures were up a third up on 2012 with requests on iPads and other tablets growing more than 100%.But the issue is that if notebooks tempt people to employ them in awkward ways that promote injury,  tablets almost guarantee such awkward use because they can be accessed almost anywhere and in any position – most of which involve poor posture!

Here at the Ergonomic Cafe we recognised these dangers early on, and that drove us to design the award-winning Arrow tablet stand.

Anyone using a tablet computer will be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of not having any support for the hands or wrists whilst typing, or having the screen too low whilst viewing the screen.

Our tablet solutions address these issues and are the only stands that offer users the unique ergonomic and comfort benefits of our Patented palm and wrist support, whilst also lifting the screen to an improved viewing angle and height. In addition the Arrow also offers the benefit of raising the screen height for use with an external keyboard, video conferencing or for viewing videos or documents too!

It is for these unique and outstanding ergonomic benefits it offers the user that the Arrow has been awarded the coveted FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award”.

Read our post: ‘Ergonomic Excellence vs Ergonomic Features’ for more information about the FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award.

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