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HWS investigates changing attitudes within organizations. In almost 20 years within the ergonomics industry, we have certainly seen a difference in trends.

“At the start, computer users seemed content to accept less than ideal workstations and chairs but now I’ve seen how their expectations have increased. Many managers have now realised, however that a better working environment not only brings a happier team but increased productivity. Sound ergonomics leads to a win-win situation for bother employers and employees!”

– Gil Ridley, Managing Director: Healthy Workstations Ltd

Whatever your role, whether you’re the manager, a receptionist, chiropractor, office worker, occupational health and safety officer, teacher, operator or an agile home worker… Whatever your opinion; perhaps you feel that workplace ergonomic requirements must be fulfilled to comply with the law or that its an ‘ideal world’ scenario which is restrained by budgets. Maybe, you’re a motivator and believe in ways to improve the health and well-being of your team, increases morale and productivity and proves to be a good return on investment (ROI).  We: the HWS Team would like to hear your thoughts!

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