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Home » Health & Wellbeing » Text Neck: Technology should not be painful

The term ‘Text Neck’ derives from the pain caused from looking down at mobile phones and tablets and has become increasingly common over the last decade. Although we have looked down to read for generations, smart phones offer unlimited services and entertainment that allow us to stay in one static position instead of moving to complete daily tasks such as, use a calculator, check a calendar or set an alarm clock.


With technology increasingly growing and shaping the way we live, it isn’t logical to suggest we give it up completely. However, prevention is important, and we must be aware of the potential damaging effects of these devices.


Ergonomic consultant company PROergonomics released an article on ways to prevent text neck.

PROergonomics suggest taking regular breaks from your electronic devices to break up static postures. Holding your phone at eye level can also prevent text neck as it forces you to adapt a neutral position in your neck and shoulders, whereas a hunched over posture will inflict pain and cause difficulty in breathing. Regular Stretching exercises can help loosen muscles and prevent damage.

By starting to have immediate self-awareness and adapting a better posture with regular breaks and stretching, we can prevent the issues caused by text neck while still enjoying mobile technology.

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