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Working environments are changing. As we discussed in a recent post, we’ve been receiving more demand for electric height-adjustable desks recently. While sitting for long periods of time may prove less than ideal, and having highlighted the benefits of standing at work in a post back in May, we have also witnessed organisations moving to hot desking settings too.

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Studies now seem to support the belief that standing up for part of the working day can increase your calorie burn, and raise your energy levels, metabolism, and productivity. So with this in mind, is introducing ‘sit-stand working’ not only healthier for your employees, but also offering your company the opportunity to maximise ‘productive’ working time? Some organisations whilst being very proactive about the sit-stand trend, have naturally been anxious about introducing such profound changes to their working environment, especially when we all have to be alert to budgetary constraints.  We have now discovered, however, what may be a cost-effective alternative solution: Varidesks.

Take a stand with Varidesk

Varidesks sit on top of your existing desk so you needn’t change your existing layout too much. This ingenious platform offers an easy set-up for single, or dual monitor adaptability with the new ‘plus’ version, which features an adjustable keyboard tray available to ‘pre-order’. As you’d expect, we have set one up in one of our own offices for our staff to try, and already welcomed keen interest from some of our larger customers to install Varidesk on trial. We know it may appear to be a big change to the working environment, but we’re here to ‘walk’ our customers through it, to enable them to have the optimum sit-stand solution that is appropriate to their needs!

Could these revolutionary platforms promote organisations to switch to the sit-stand transformation?

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