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This prestigious event has been running for 5 consecutive years now in Cardiff (and to, much success) – we are delighted to be taking part in the 2nd Swansea event! The day promises insightful exhibitions, inspirational seminars, and of course our own Neville Wilshire, star of BBC 3 The Call Centre, will be attending too!

Swansea Exhibition Timetable

But that’s not all – We’re also conducting Live Demonstrations!

Since time is always of the essence these days, we all want to get the most out of our working day, don’t we? We’d therefore like to invite you all to learn how to set up your optimum workstation so that you can be more comfortable and extra productive in your personal workspace. We will also be giving away a free guide for your use when you get back to the office and to show your colleagues.


Register for your FREE Visitor tickets here: http://thewelshbusinessshows.co.uk/swansea-preregistration1.html

We can also offer you additional specialist advice, and perhaps:

  • Clarify your obligations under the DSE legislation.
  • Or, perhaps you’re experiencing pain or discomfort at your workstation?
  • Remember, it’s only ‘ergonomic’ if it fits the user – we explain why one size does not fit all!
  • Guide you to meet individual needs – considering certain types of equipment over others

Perhaps you’ve noticed all the attention that adjustable working height workstations are enjoying in the media at the movement? Having launched the new Varidesk platforms in our last post, we will also be demonstrating this unique alternative adjustable platform at the event for all to experience and try out!

See: ‘Are height-adjustable desks the only way forward?

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