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Home » Productivity » Lets Lighten up these Winter Blues

Daylight Flexi LampTake the opportunity to lighten things up!

The days are getting shorter… The nights are getting longer… and the clocks have now gone back.

We’re now spending the reduced daylight hours in the workplace so it’s really important to get adequate amounts of light.


1. Emit light into your workplace or office


  • Fully opening the blinds
  • Invest in some task lighting to avoid eye strain and improve concentration and productivity by concentrating the light where it should prove most effective, right over your desk!

2. Get out out and about


  • Taking the walk to work if you live within a reasonable distance – you’ll even save money on transport.
  • Maybe even cycle some days (ensure you have suitable cycle lighting and perhaps also wear a highly visible top?)
  • Walk to the sandwich shop on your lunch break – you’ll be getting some of that recommended exercise too!

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