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Ellie Taylor, Insight Health Screening sitting with her new WorkFit TWith summer fast-approaching have you become more motivated to getting active? People are taking this ‘get-active’ attitude to the workplace – some to burn more calories while others for the health benefits. We encourage it for the regular movement obtained between sitting to standing and vice versa.

Ellie Taylor, Insight Health Screening standing with her new WorkFit T We’re finding more and more employers adopting the sit-stand culture, and our sit-stand option can be cheaper than you may think! One of the latest additions to our collection: The WorkFit T starts at just over £300.

We were so eager to promote this affordable platform in organisations, we set up a couple of prize draws at recent events. Our lucky winner from the Health & Safety Alliance Conference in Cardiff was Ellie Taylor from Insight Health Screening. As a keen horse rider and an even more enthusiastic rower, you can imagine her anticipation over winning a solution to achieve more physical activity at her workstation.

We delivered and set Ellie up in her new Newport office this week, where she said:

“This is so exciting! I really need this. We all know that sitting all day is no good for us”.

Stay in touch to hear more about Ellie’s story (and others!) as we continue our journey to making the workplace a happier and more comfortable place to work!

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