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We often hear that employers have a responsibility towards their employees regarding Health and safety issues within the workplace. The Health and Safety at Work Act, however states that both employers and employees have a ‘duty of care’. As the Healthy and Safety at Work act plays a big part in what we do at HWS, lets discuss some of these responsibilities:

Two main duties as an Employee

  1. To help employers fulfil their obligations by cooperating with them and others.
  2. To take reasonable care of themselves but also others who might be affected by their actions – this involves not just people in the desk next to them but anyone who enters the workplace.

How might an employee fulfil these obligations?


Report any health and safety matters to help employers understand any issues.

Undertake any relevant training which the employer provides – This involves turning up, paying attention and even asking relevant questions if you don’t understand something.

Use the equipment provided in a safe manner – Don’t misuse it in any way e.g. follow guidelines/instructions and only use the equipment for the purposes it was intended e.g. don’t climb on the chair to reach something from a shelf.

Get involved in health and safety issues.

Undertake training and follow instructions on the use of your equipment e.g. Learn how to adjust your chair to meet your needs.

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