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Orangebox HQIt was exciting to hear last autumn, news that Orangebox was moving its HQ and manufacturing base, 10 miles from their Hengoed site to Parc Nantgarw, Cardiff. As Active Ergonomics dealers (a dedicated brand of Orangebox), we were all too pleased to be invited to visit their new state-of-the-art headquarters in South Wales earlier this month. Since its unveiling last November, the 120,000 sq. ft. HQ has not only created some 100 or so new jobs in the process, but has allowed the Company to facilitate unprecedented growth in demand, while still continuing to invest in the development of new product designs.

FSpira Plus Chairsrom designing their own bespoke workstations to the inclusion of choosing the chairs they sat in, the team had an active voice, which resulted in a theme chosen to stimulate their creativity. We noted how the Marketing and design departments chose their New Spira+…

The Spira plus can work well as both a specialist occupational health chair as well as a preventative default chair within an organisation, with unique features such as variable air pelvic and lumbar support. For organisations seeking maximum functionality and fit, the Spira plus certainly offers more adjustments than most in its price range competitors. Learn more about the Spira+ >>

Smart Manufacturing

Orangebox office chairsOrangebox, a place where collaborative working spaces are the ‘norm’, alsooffer an inspirational working-showroom and manufacturing facility and, since taking the opportunity to tour their new factory, they have announced that their strategy to purchase locally is continuing to gain momentum. Apparently 78% of materials and services are now sourced in the UK with 43% of materials sourced within a 20 mile radius of their new facility in Wales. They report that being geographically close to suppliers has helped them streamline processes and invest in the local community.

Orangebox LorriesBetter by miles

Transportation can account for one of the most significant environmental impacts, so Orangebox have been working hard to make their supply process as efficient as possible.

Manufacturing component parts locally, wherever possible, help reduce the chair’s environmental impact. Around 45% of the chairs components are manufactured within 10% of their factory and over 90% come from within mainland Europe.

Buying local

Buy local SheepWe are always proud to support ‘homegrown’ businesses, which is why we work with several UK manufacturers including Ergonomic Café, Ergochair and Orangebox, to mention a few.

For many organisations, buying local is an important consideration in the purchasing decision-process – is buying local important to you and/or integrated into your Company procurement policy?

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