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For the uninitiated it can sometimes be difficult to identify the differences between budget range equipment and their higher priced counterparts; yet poor quality products – such as office seating – can have a huge impact on those who use them. So, if you are planning to refresh your workplace environment it would be worth arranging some product demonstrations so that you can see exactly what you get for your money and – of course – to ensure that the item is appropriate for your requirements, without breaking the bank!

HÅG H05 5600

The office seating market has changed significantly in recent years with the introduction of improved movement mechanisms, armrests that move in as many as 4 dimensions, multi air cells for seat and back and even seats with foldable front edges, to name but a few new features. Whilst this all sounds great, you might think that this would only be useful for those members of staff with ‘specific needs’.  However, when it comes to purchasing your ‘Everyday’ seating it makes economic sense to build in as much adjustment features as your budget will allow; making it more adaptable to meet the diverse requirements of the modern workforce who come in all shapes and sizes. This also reduces the need for additional, ad-hoc purchases to fit those who are not of a ‘standard’ stature. Finally, seating is expected to be in service for anything from 5-15 years; so built-in resilience can show a significant return on your investment.

Seating with multiple adjustments accommodates significantly more users.

office chairsIt is important to ensure that office seating is not purchased in ‘isolation’ but thoroughly tested in the workplace. Is the gas stem range appropriate for a variety of user heights? Do the armrests obstruct access for slimmer individuals? Is the seat long enough (or too long) to provide adequate thigh support? And, does it meet regulations (backrest independent to the seat for separate adjustment)?

We can ensure that you do not fail to meet your legal obligations by purchasing unsuitable products – HWS offer seating suitable for all environments. We would be delighted to provide advice or an onsite demonstration.

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The HÅG range offers a 10-year warranty, 15 year life expectancy – and, they’re designed for movement. Buy 10 or more of these ergonomic chairs and you can get up to 50% off! See Offer >


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