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Within my first week of joining the team at Healthy Workstations, Contour had released their new ergonomic Unimouse and I was given the task to trial the product and provide feedback.

At first, the mouse looked alien to me – it wasn’t flat and small like other mice I have used. Instead it sat in a tilt position and fitted my hand naturally, providing a thumb support area which is an aspect I did not realise other mice lacked. I thought using the product would prove to be complicated – all the added adjustment buttons and speed movements seemed unnecessary for a mouse! I’ve been using standard mice from my early school days up until my employment with HWS and it never occurred to me that there were alternative, ergonomic products out there that could reduce my risk in associated issues such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and carpel tunnel syndrome.

This everyday work task felt strangely unfamiliar during the first two days of using the new device; as I played around with the Unimouse speed settings and angles to suit me I became far more aware of my own actions and posture. By having a higher speed setting, I don’t have to move my mouse half way across my desk to reach what I want – I learnt quickly from HWS that doing this movement was potentially damaging to my body and was amazed just how this simple action could lead to me being scrunched over my desk with my arm and shoulder muscles all knotted and tense.


The Unimouse height tilt ranges from 35 degrees to 70 degrees.

Personally, I don’t adjust my mouse to the full 70 degree angle, and usually have it set around 45 degrees, but I do re-adjust it during the day if I feel my hand is feeling stiff through lengthy tasks. However, I would suggest playing around with what feels comfortable to you, as the whole purpose of the Unimouse is not to keep a rigid hand position, but to have your hand in as relaxed and natural manner as possible without any tension or excessive gripping.

I’ve been using this product for four months now and would definitely recommend it; I was genuinely surprised by how comfortable and familiar my hand has become with this mouse, it’s now just second nature. In fact, when recently helping a family member on their computer, it really brought home the benefits of having the right tools and how frustrating poor devices can really be; I even had to keep banging their mouse just to get the ball to move!

So, I can honestly say I would not like to make the switch back to a standard mouse!

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