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We have an extensive range of FIRA certified products available on our website. FIRA certified chairs and seating should stand us in very good stead in terms of quality and safety. Although…

How many of you actually know what FIRA is and what it stands for?

We think it’s quite an important point when it comes to choosing your office furniture so let’s discuss this in a little detail…

Over 60 years ago, The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) was established for safeguarding the furniture industry. FIRA International provides a wide range of services that are not only dedicated to the global supply chain of furniture but also to furniture consumers too.

RH Logic 300

Here at HWS, we recognise FIRA for two types of testing:

  1. Ergonomics (which we’ll discuss in an additional post soon)
  2. Chairs and Seating

A wide range of tests are carried out on chairs; addressing issues such as strength, durability, stability and safety.

Where upholstery is an integral part of the chair, flammability performance, which is governed by legislation, MUST be tested. In addition the durability and performance of fabrics and foams are vital considerations whether in a domestic, office or contract environment.

Axia AIRAccording to FIRA, the performance requirements and test methods can vary depending upon the end use of the item i.e. whether it’s for domestic, outdoor, office, contract or educational use.

The three standards most relevant to us include:

  • BS 5459-2 (Office Seating)
  • BS EN 1335 (Office Seating)
  • BS EN 1729 (Educational Seating & Tables)

We believe public awareness of the general product safety requirements is increasing (and rightfully so), therefore evidence that demonstrates your chair has been tested by an independent, third party, to support these regulations should be comforting. The FIRA Certification Schemes and Awards should provide solid reassurance to you that products have attained a high level of quality and their standard of ‘excellence ‘Award, which many of our chair manufacturers have attained, has been well and truly earned and independently verified by FIRA International.

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