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LEAD Cymru WalesLEAD Wales is a Welsh Government professional Leadership programme within the Wales Convergence Regions, which is jointly delivered by Swansea and Bangor University. In the 5 years that they have been working with SME’s, it has helped deliver significant growth to the Welsh Economy. Since our Managing Director Anne Ridley embarked on her journey of progression, both our Logistics and Office Managers have engaged with this worthwhile scheme too.

They not only work with owners and managers while undertaking the accreditation but encourage Alumni to participate in various Networking events. Last week saw an exciting development with the first LEAD Wales trade Show being held at Swansea’s premier venue, the Liberty Stadium. With 80 organisations participating, representing a range of industries, this successful event attracted more than 300 delegates.

If you were one of the many visitors or exhibitors, then you shared our excitement and enthusiasm for so many flourishing businesses based in our locality. It was evident that a lot of hard work and preparation had gone into the show and every display – Well done everyone!

limited edition capisco leatherOur stand certainly invited a lot of discussion and interest in compliance with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations. And it was to our delight that we collaborated with so many businesses who are keen to improve posture and workplace wellbeing in their organisation. With over 18 years’ experience in the field of office ergonomics, delivering an end-to-end experience… From assisting organisations to be proactive, conducting assessments, product selection and troubleshooting to installation and educating users, we are unquestionably looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Our exhibition also demonstrated our continued celebration of HAG’s Capisco with its varied sitting positions, and it seemed to inspire a different way of thinking for many office workers. As people took a seat on our limited edition Capisco Leather, so many were surprised to find that you can sit equally comfortably facing backward, forward or turned to the side, whilst still allowing you a broad reach. This shows that HÅG certainly understand the art of creating movement as you sit! Office chairs are our most used tool at work and so it is paramount that it works to keep our body moving. Aside from the health benefits of the HAG Capisco, it offers a manufacturer’s guarantee of ten years – so we believe it is a true investment into your health and well-being for the next decade, and we’re pretty certain so many of you believe the same.

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