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Meeting the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations…

SBS, manufacturer of RH and HAG, have always excelled with their high quality ethics, but the environmental credentials of their chairs are surely something to be proud of.

Now accredited Swan Award, Nordic Eco label

One of the high points last year was that their RH Logic family achieved the Swan label, which certified this admired range of ergonomic office chairs Eco-Friendly. We’ve just heard fresh off the press that the HAG Conventio has now won the award too!

This official Nordic ecolabel, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, acknowledges that by ecolabelling environmentally-friendly products, it will help consumers choose the most sustainable products for, ultimately, a more sustainable society. Nordic ecolabel… Read More >>

These prestigious awards highlight the company’s strong commitment to sustainability, particularly as they announce:

Look out for more SB Seating chairs achieving the Swan award this year.”

According to manufacturer Scandinavian Business Seating, they take both the materials and the process of making their chairs environmentally friendly into account, when they both design and manufacture their unique range. They thus follow five basic life cycle principles for minimising the effect on our environment.

Basic principles:five basic life cycle principles.

  1. Low weight
  2. Few components
  3. Good materials
  4. Long lifetime
  5. Cradle to cradle closed lifecycles

Minimized environmental impact =

  1. Lowest possible ”Carbon footprint”
  2. No toxic chemicals
  3. Reduced use of non-renewable resources

GreenGuard certification from UL Environment

Scandinavian Business Seating has made several environmental statements since their first environmental declaration in 1990, and was one of the first in the industry to achieve the GreenGuard certification. The programme, which helps manufacturers to create materials that have low chemical omissions, also helps you to identify and have confidence in approved products. The GreenGuard Certification… Read more >>

Is this something that your business has historically given much thought to when purchasing office furniture? Our environment can benefit significantly from choosing low-emission products – why not make a more conscious choice, learn more about SB Seating’s environmental values in this short video:

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