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Operator ChairWhen Monday morning arrives and you land at your desk greeted by your office chair, it might not be the most comfortable start to your week at work. If the truth be told, some workstation chairs probably aren’t even DSE compliant.

See: DSE and your obligations as an employer

Many office workers experience bad backs, aching necks, pins and needles in the legs and numb arms – they’re all too common and, for many, these ailments can often progress throughout the working weeks too. Yes, we’re creatures of habit so if we’re given a rigid chair to sit in we’re going to stay rigid all day and suffer the consequences.  What workers need are dynamic seating options.

Posture ChairWhile the general concept of an office role is sedentary working and maybe associated with RSI and bad backs – this doesn’t actually have to be the case. No, we’re not talking about ditching the office chair all together, but creating an environment which encourages movement – because after all, we are designed to move and to bend!

If you work in a new office, you might be lucky enough to have some snazzy looking new chair, but they’re unlikely to fit all!

Ergonomic ChairIf you’ve never sat in an office chair that has been designed from headrest to castors by leading ergonomists, then maybe you’ve never really experienced true comfort?  Of course these chairs are more expensive to purchase. But a good ergonomic office chair will offer you fluid mechanisms and the dynamic movements required to feel relaxed yet energized in your work, and will stand the test of time! They can therefore actually work out cheaper in the long term!

Take time to consider the change an ergonomic chair might make to your working life – and – what a difference!

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